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An ACE (American Council On Exercise) Group Fitness Instructor and ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Certified Fitness Instructor, specializing in Integrated Fitness Training & Back Solutions – Manika's experience of over fifteen years has seen her practice in Germany & successfully design fitness programs in Singapore (Ready! Set! Go!) and India.

She specializes in Weight Management, Sports Specific Training such as Marathons and Tennis, Bodyweight Conditioning and Training, Balance Ball and Resistance Bands' Training, Core Conditioning, Strength Training and Fitness Nutrition.


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It is that time of the year.
Navratri, Diwali, Christmas, New Year.
Pot loads of sugary confectionaries, alcohol, exciting food and late, very late festive nights.
Dancing, card parties, family reunions, the wedding season and to top it, the year-end holiday season!!

And at the turn of the year, voila! The big race! That marathon you have been preparing for. Or rather, were supposed to train for, but the partying came in the way.


So what can one do?
No one said you have to be a saint to run or train for a marathon.
Life must go on.
Run your way around it.
e everyone’s doing it. Besides, you think, what’s in a run…I’ve been running since I learnt to walk.

Here’s how.

  1. Acknowledge that you will have to make adjustments in your training schedule
  2. You can’t do everything. Re-prioritize and omit some from your list of activities during this season
  3. Make sure you spend enough time on your feet, running. It doesn’t matter what time of day or where, so be flexible
  4. Do short HIIT workouts on days you don’t have the luxury of time
  5. Do short or medium runs
  6. Do light jogging after a night of partying, and include speed work and uphill repeats (I covered these in my last feature) to make the training worth it
  7. If you are up late because you slept late and the sun is up, emulate your run in the gym. It is not ideal, but it will do
  8. Do Tempo Runs in the gym with jogging
  9. Do Core and Strength training for your running muscles on the day after the celebrations. You won’t strain while continuing to train
  10. Re-schedule your weekend runs on weekdays so you can party on weekends and use these for rest and recovery, justifying the adage, ‘work hard n party hard’
  11. Go fashionably late to a party. Only after your run in the evening
  12. Leave a party early so you can run the next morning after a good night’s sleep; no one will really notice or mind
  13. Reward yourself with food and alcohol only if you have had your run
  14. If you have grooved way into the night, do not run the next morning; you will have bad running form and will gather stress or injure. Rest and Recover. Get your beauty sleep. Run in the evening. Or even the next day
  15. Miss a run if you are too tired or sleepy
  16. Run with buddies; they will make you feel guilty enough so you don’t overdo your partying!
  17. Do your Long Run on the morning of the party or celebrations. That way you can rest it out the morning after
  18. Hydrate well before, during (a glass of water with every glass of alcohol) and after a party to diffuse the alcohol
  19. Eat everything. But watch your portions
  20. Eat before a party. You won’t over-indulge and avoid giving ghrelin (the go-go hunger hormone, most active during late night) the upper hand

That said.
I believe the festive season helps us celebrate life.
I believe you have to be happy and joyous to run.
I believe you can marry the two with a bit of effort and sensible planning on your part.
Try it and you will manage to race through the festivities in full form!!