App Review: Obino

Being overweight isn’t ever easy, and especially not in a time when you are surrounded by images of perfect bodies, and periodically fed with information about how you should be and what you should look like. The food industry has grown, but we can’t help but question every morsel that we take in. Many of us want to get fit and lose the flab, but we can’t seem to make time for it. Some of us have a problem with commitment- it’s jogging for one week, and oversleeping for three consecutive weeks after that. And some of us just don’t know where to begin.
This is where technology butts in, and where smartphones, yet again, prove that they can be instrumental in making lives easier. The Obino app is almost like a virtual weight loss coach that calculates how many calories you consume, reminds you to drink water every couple of hours, and also recommends places to eat at around your location, among other things. Unfortunately, it isn’t available on any platform other than Android at the moment, so iOS and Windows users need to wait for a while before they can get Obino to keep an eye on their weight for them.

  • Though the name of the app might suggest that it is only for overweight users, Obino can also be used to gain or maintain weight. It acts more like a mobile dietician, periodically prompting you to do what you have to, even if you might have forgotten. Workout and diet buddies always make it easier for one to keep up their resolution. Similarly, the nagging of a coach- the app in this case, can force even the weak-willed to stick to the routine they have set.
  • Unlike many other weight-loss apps, Obino knows and understands Indian meals, whether they are North or South Indian. The extensive database of Indian food items and measurements in our terms makes it easier for us to track our calorie intake.
  • Reminders to drink water, eat meals on time, take your medicines and suggestions for meals based on what is available in your fridge, along with restaurants around your location makes the app unique by giving it a personalized and interactive touch.
  • The Obino app is only 5.82MB, not making it too heavy for your phone. Its colourful design gives it a cheerful appearance, and is also easy to use.

  • The app is not yet available on iOS and Windows platforms. Once these versions are out, the reach will definitely increase.
  • It currently does not offer a progress tracker. If that feature is added, the app would be complete.
With pros overshadowing the cons, over five thousand downloads and a rating of 4.0 by 129 users so far, it is quite apparent that the Obino app is by far one of the most effective weight management apps that has been made available to the Indian public. You can try it out for yourself by downloading it from Google Play Store