Let's go down to the waterline

Let's go down to the waterline!

A look at the advantages of Aqua Jogging

A traditional athlete might look at a person running inside a pool and scowl disapprovingly. This form of aqua aerobics is looked down upon because it is mostly for injured or retired runners. But Aqua Jogging, or deep water running is a fantastic method of training that has often been shunned because of pre-conceived notions. Let's dispel those myths and focus on all the good things that water running can do for you, shall we?

What is Aqua Jogging?

Aqua Jogging is a form of deep water running that closely mimics the actual running movement. The only difference is that your feet don't actually touch the bottom of the pool, so there is zero impact and safe for any kind of injury. Running in water gives your legs a neuromuscular workout that keeps the running-specific muscles active, unlike cycling or swimming. In fact, most trainers recommend Aqua Jogging as the most preferred form of workout if a pool is available!

Tips for effective Aqua Jogging:

  • If you're a beginner, you could use a heart-rate monitor and a deep water jogger belt.
  • Ensure you don't touch the ground, and mimic the way you would run on land, by flexing the same muscles in your knees, hips and ankles.
  • Keep your torso straight, and don’t lean forward like you would when running on land.
  • Depending on the amount of space you have, you can either run to the other end of the pool, around in circles, or run in the same place.

What makes this more effective is that your full concentration has to be on your run, thus making this a more focused workout. A well-executed deep water run will make you breathe hard, and also sweat profusely! Some runners like to break the monotony by switching to swimming in between, and this is popularly considered an all-round workout, especially for professional athletes and cross trainers.

The benefits:

The primary reason Aqua Jogging is chosen for sportspersons to recover from injuries is because it is a high resistance workout (obviously, because water is thicker than air) without the pounding on your joints. This method heals the wear and tear in your muscles. The buoyancy in the water makes it more demanding on the Cardio-Vascular system, and tones and strengthens the upper body- which is poorly trained in most runners, unlike the legs. The pressure of the water helps your heart, therefore giving you an intense run at a lower heart rate! And for those of you looking to lose some flab, nothing's better than Aqua Jogging, because no workout gets tougher and burns more calories than this!

So the next time someone talks about deep-water running, don’t imagine a bunch of grandmas in the pool, battling the water to move around. Instead, think of effective cross training and a powerful run, and dive straight in!