Mix up your terrains


The general practice for runners is to get accustomed to a daily running routine or pattern. This is not only with regard to their time of running and the distance covered but also with the surface they run on. The excuse of comfort and convenience is often given to stick to their choice of pavement, be it their treadmill, their pavement or trotting their trails. A change in the running surface not only gives you a break from the monotony but also is good for you mind and muscles.

So when you break the boredom and change your running environment, you not only boost your mental state but will also be improving your performance. This is  also crucial in case of marathon training as different muscles gets activated when you change your surface, thereby reducing injuries and pains to same set of muscles.

For runners who set out to their pavements or asphalt road every day, it’s time for you to once in a week head out to softer surfaces such as nearby park or the high school grass field. These surfaces act as stress busters from the hard surface work out and help in healing pain and injuries quicker.  But for runners who strike their fore foot in front instead of their heel, will have to watch out as they might risk more injuries on softer grounds.


Regular Soft surface running will not always be beneficial. With any history of stress fractures of plantar fasciitis, staying on hard surfaces is preferred. Running on softer surfaces not only has practical hindrances like ditches, holes, and other obstructions but each step on soft surface might vary. For instance each step you take on the road the pace level will remain the same unlike grass or mud trail where small variations are more likely to happen.

The pace level or speed will remain constant not only on roads but treadmills can be used for the same purpose where you can get the exact reading of your pace. Treadmills will be the right choice on a rainy or windy day and also relatively have low impact which will be great for runners who are recovering from injuries or pain. Varying your incline is critical in case of treadmill running and for runners training for marathon it is necessary that they change from treadmill to road surface in order to get accustomed to the ups and downs on the running surface.

Regardless of where you run, see to it you break the monotony of your daily running routine and explore different running surfaces to have more fun! Finding a new running partner can also be a way by which you can exploring new trails.