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Procam International is credited with pioneering the distance running revolution India is witnessing today. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and Tata Consultancy Services World 10K Bangalore are amongst the premier distance running events, not just in India, but around the globe and see over a 100000 people take to the roads. Running also has a tremendous philanthropic nature as Procam International through its three distance running events has raised over INR 140 Crores over the last 11 years making it the largest platform to raise charity in the country. With national icons such as John Abraham and global sporting legends like Carl Lewis, Haile Gebrselassie and Damon Hill all endorsing the events and inspiring more individuals to take up the sport has resulted in running becoming the fastest growing sport in India.

We have always strived to enhance the runner's experience and Procamrunning.in is our way of ensuring that runners are always ready for the roads. It is a platform which not only brings together runners but also provides encouragement for people to take up running. It ensures that the runner community to remain 'SMART' i.e. Stress Free, Muscular, Active, Robust and Tough. It features content, information and expert advice for those who want to take up the sport as well as the veterans that have been running for years.

From all major national race dates to exclusive runner merchandise, Procamrunning.in is the one stop shop for all runners.

So India, let’s go the distance.